Concorde – Last Flight.

This takes place today apparently. This post on the SWM Readers list has the entire post.

Concorde G-BOAF will depart London Heathrow at approximately 11:10am before heading out over the usual supersonic acceleration point. It will then go supersonic for the last time over the Bay of Biscay before returning to Bristol where weather permitting it may fly a low pass before landing at Filton at approximately 12:42.


I’m currently listening to a webcast from SANS. Its about Honeyd, a tool for creating virtual hosts on a network. The purpose of honeyd is to gain information on people trying to break into machines on your network. The slideshow is being presented by Lance Spitzner, he is very enthusiastic. Some great questions are being asked, and being well answered by Lance. All very interesting!

The Matrix Revolutions

My better half and I went to see the new Matrix Film last night, Rob was right, “It went up its own arse”, is what I think he said to me in the pub last week. And I agree with him, a very weak ending. I guess I’ll just have to look forward to LOTR now. All in all it was very dissapointing.

IPv6 & Video Streaming

I’m currently working with the IPv6 protocol in TSSG. I was looking for a client for doing some Video Streaming and came across VideoLAN, which is a very impressive client. Internally we use it with Apache as a video server from which we can view short clips, for testing the IPv6 network. Its well worth a look if your into that sort of thing.

Science Week – WIT

Got a few minutes to drop into the Gym in the College. Several local companies have stands there, as do several college departments. The Physics, Engineering and the Tssg stand are all generating lots of interest.

For me though, the a Air Corps stand is the best. The have several robots, much like what can been seen on Robot Wars, they demonstrated the power of one of them while I was there, completely destroying the victim (an old video recorder). Santa, I want one!

Solar Power

Miguel and I were chatting, talking about how cool it would be to power a house (or part of it) harnessing solar power. Well as I was looking for Phil Karns postings for the previous blog entry, I came across this on Phils homepage purely by chance.