TM-D710 Kiss mode/EMCpup

Reports on mailing lists seem to indicate that the new Kenwood TM-D710 has a properly working KISS mode and works fine with Airmail. So it should work for TCP/IP as well. Not everyone likes all the new ‘features’, however, as the radio is firmware upgradeable it should get ‘better’ over time.

Much as I would have liked to see smart-beaconing, I have finally given in to temptation, so to make room, the PCR-1000 is departing (no need to learn Python now), with a new TM-D710E on order.

After the Radio Rally, Conor, EI4JN, took away a few copies of the Puppy Linux EMCpup CD and I suggested to him that he try it out himself given he had never used Linux.

He let me know during the week that he had used it for to complete some PSK31 contacts. This is impressive, not that he was able to make the contact, but because he had no experience of Linux before (and ‘afraid’ of it by his own admission) and was able configure the software to suit his specific station with no external help. I’ve suggested to him that he next make his own CD (from the existing one) customised for his own station.

I’m looking forward to getting back home to try it out myself as I’m currently travelling on behalf of WIT/TSSG.

Linux emcomm PUP

“Software for the Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System (NBEMS), is now available for testing. This system maximizes the use of radio amateurs for providing emergency communications.

The system works with most soundcard-equipped computers and is completely contained on a “Live” CD (EMCpup), based on Puppy Linux (2.17), flarq (1.0) and fldigi (2.0), Every effort has been made to make the OS transparent to the user, so no Linux experience is required. The system has been in development for the past year and can be downloaded and burned to a CD from: under the link to the CD image. The goal of the NBEMS is just to be able to bridge a widescale disaster area of up to 100 miles, without any reliance on a centralized repeater network, or mailboxes, and use as little space as possible.”

Whats most interesting about this is its a bootable ISO image. No install required. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince some of the AREN membership to try it.


We have a Radio Rally (Called a Hamfest in the USA), this Sunday, and I was looking around my shack thinking that I should probably bring some unused gear in and sell it on. I spied my Icom PCR-1000. It has been sitting pretty much unused since Dxtuners closed earlier this year, so it was a prime candidate for re-sale. I had been using Steve’s PCRD for remote control which is fine, but I was looking for something (Linux  based) better for use in the shack (and have too little time to write something myself at the moment). I did a quick Google and found this python app by James Ahlstrom. It is just what I was looking for, thanks James, my PCR1000 shall remain, now I just need to learn some Python!