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K3 #2184 (part 1)

It arrived yesterday, but I was too tired to do anything with it last night. When I opened the box this morning, I instantly thought I had made a big mistake getting it in kit form. Lots of little bags with more little components all labelled very very carefully.

I got some courage up after lunch and pulled it all out of the box, everything I ordered seemed to be present, so I took a deep breath and opened the first anti-static bag.


It progressed rapidly after that.
Filters and LPA Installed

Front Shield, Left Side Installed & KAT3 Installed

KIO3 Installed

K3IO Installed

KIO3 Digital IO Installed


Rear of Front Panel

Front Panel with Knobs and plastic covers Installed

Enough for today. I only panicked once (when I couldn’t find the 2-56 1/4″ screws for the LCD standoffs), and only made two mistakes that I know of (so far) which happened on KIO3. Many thanks to Mario, Marina, Dina, Patricia, Sharron and Ellison for your attention to detail while packing.

Nuclear Power is both clean and safe.

Brian makes that argument here. Brian, are you sure it is really as cheap as portrayed? Have a read of
this, and

Now I won’t pretend to know all the answers or will I pretend that fully understand all of the data presented. So we will have to agree to disagree on whether Nuclear Power is safe, I would argue Solar/Hydroelectric/Wind is safer, call me a F*wit if you like, but that still won’t change my mind.

A couple of things I would like to see done in our own building:

  • Hot water being generated from Solar Power (Tap and heating)
  • Solar power being used to power (parts of) building
  • Hydroelectric power being used to power (parts of) the building
  • Maybe wind power, but the site really wouldn’t be suitable

Anyone got any second hand solar panels/that they don’t need? I would gladly take them off their hands in an endeavour to reduce the lab in TSSG’s and consequently WIT’s carbon footprint. Or indeed, just my own.

Missed it

It, being the official opening of our building. Feedback I’m getting is that it was all good, if a slightly short visit by An Taoiseach.

We continue to work through the different workpackages, slower than I would prefer, but I’m not the chairperson, so its not up to me.

Miguel and I provided free entertainment for a restaurant full of punters last night. When we returned from the days meeting, we just walked a block or two to find a restaurant. Things looked promising as it had the name in English, better yet, the menu had English discriptions as well. So we ordered something, but we really weren’t quite sure what. The waitress arrived back to the table with a big pot (various joints of beef, knee’s etc, carrots and some thick noodles), stuck it on a gas burner (in the middle of the table), wandered off again, and then came back with raw meat and veg and plonked it on the table beside us.

What we didn’t know was that we are suppossed to cook it ourselves. Obviously the waitress had a bit of a chat with her co-workers and they decided that if they didn’t do something we would be there for hours. So this poor girl started cooking and showing us how we were supposed to cook the food. This caused much amusement in the restaurant. We got the hang of it eventually (rice noodle not withstanding).

I think she was a bit shocked with the amount of the tip we left, but she did help us out . Total cost for dinner including two beers (640ml bottles, must figure out why that is.) and the tip, €12.

Work begins today

Yesterday, we decided to go out and about to get as much sunlight as possible in order to recover from jet-lag. It was difficult to get up this morning, but we managed. After breakfast we headed for the science museum, as it was quite close. Unfortunatly it was closed. After a quick discussion, we decided to head to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, where we had lunch, then to the Jade Buddha Temple were we watched a craftsman at work.
craftsman at work

Today, work begins. We are here for a meeting of the Enable project, that we are working on in the TSSG. It will be 3 days of powerpoint, discussion, argument, more discussion, argument and hopfully, consensus, as to the continued direction of the project. Also, it is an opportunity to meet the partners again face to face, and continue to build working relationships with our project partners.

34 hours

Something along the same vein as Bernard’s piece. We arrived in the airport, immigration cards filled in, only to get stuck in the queue behind a group of American’s who obviously hadn’t filled theirs in properly (and at that point it was too late to change our queue). In fairness to the officials, they did begin opening up more gates as the passengers were getting more and more frustrated, and finally we (Miguel and I) were free (or so I thought).

“We just need to check something, it won’t take long”

For somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes I was standing beside the passport control desk, positive that I was going to be on the next flight home, as other passengers were nervously going past me. Finally my passport was delivered back to the control desk (and to me with no explanation) and I was let through (phew!).

We were having a good laugh about it while we were filling the ‘baggage declaration’, when Miguel noticed one of the questions asks “Do you have any Radio Transmitting or Receiving equipment”. BALLS! As I normally carry a VHF/UHF handheld Transciever in the laptop bag, I didn’t relish the thought of being asked to ‘step aside’ for a second time (I had great visions going through my tired brain after about 27 hours travelling). Thankfully I had seen the good sense to take it out before heading for the airport in the first place.

We found our hotel and set about wandering around the city with the sole purpose of getting lunch, and attempting to stay awake as long as possible. After getting a fantastic pizza (hunger is a great critic!), and been offered everything from “Cheap” Watches, Cameras, Hash and other stuff that I won’t go into (I must look more dodgy than Miguel, I seem to get more offers, but who’s counting?)

It’s been over 34 hours now, thats about how long it is since I got out of a bed (Thanks again Mr. & Mrs. K) to head to Cork airport, now I’m about to get back into a bed again (in Shanghai), and I’m really looking forward to getting some sleep, I’m shattered.

Mars Camera First Images

“The high resolution camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured its first image of Mars in the mapping orbit, demonstrating the full resolution capability, on Sept. 29, 2006. The High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) acquired this image at 8:16 AM (Pacific Time), and parts of the image became available to the HiRISE team at 1:30 PM. With the spacecraft at an altitude of 280 kilometers (174 miles), the image scale is 29.7 centimeters per pixel (about 12 inches per pixel).”

280 kilometers away, and 29.7centimeters per pixel. Thats impressive, it makes you wonder how good the satellites are that are pointed down at us (even by our allies).

Full Story here


Thats what was on the clock today as we dropped our vehicle back to AVIS. Dee reckons she will miss the size and power of the jeep, all we can do now is wait for our flight home which will hopefully be very uneventful, and involve lots of sleep.


Made it to Montreal. As we got to within 2 km of our hotel, there was suddenly police cars everywhere, all heading further downtown. The shooting is all over the news now, traffic is chaos, and people everywhere trying to get home.