I read this great story earlier, a great use of google maps. Anyways what actually caught my eye was the link to Openeir. With a ‘loosely’ associated ‘ weblog here.

“OpenEir is a group for development of an open source map of Ireland using GPS receivers. Its also for the sharing of waypoints, trackpoints and routes.”

What an excellent idea, and I would encourage anyone who does a bit of travelling to contribute. Come to think of it, my dad puts up quite a bit of mileage around the South of Ireland. I must ask him if he would bring a GPS with him.

Tall Ships in Waterford

The Tall Ships Race is in Waterford at the moment. If you can’t make it, have a look at Waterford City Council’s two webcams here and here. If you happen to have a radio capable of receiving the Marine Band, most activity is taking place on channels 08, 13, 14 and 16. The city is pretty much locked down for ‘residents only access’ with more Gardaí on the street than I’ve ever seen in the town, and they are running a pretty tight ship (if you will pardon the pun).


This got slashdotted on Monday. They assembled a Lego Star Destroyer in 10 hours, the video they made is kind of cool. I would recommend downloading the torrent of it, as its very quick (I’m helping to seed ;)).

Google Maps and APRS.

From the APRS Special Interest Group mailing list, in an email from Matthew C Payne.

“It took Dave Norris (KG9AE) about a day to whip this up. Its pretty darn impressive what can be accomplished with this new API”

I’ve been playing about with it and its quite good, much more accurate as you zoom in. I’m looking at my car out in the atlantic at the moment. As I zoom in, it puts it in the carpark outside. Very cool.