Some Pi, and theraputic soldering.

Much to my surprise, a Pi arrived on Christmas day. Here you can see it after I mated it with the TNC-Pi, completed the voltage checks and inserted the ICs.
TNC-Pi & Pi

I was planning to get it up and running yesterday, given the weather we had yesterday, but I don’t actually have a USB keyboard to use with it, so I parked that until I get to borrow one.

Looking around, I found another kit that was sitting, unappreciated, on the shelf. An Elecraft XG2 (3 band Receiver Test Oscillator/S-Meter Calibrator). Purely for my own amusement, I took a few pictures while putting it together.







And, surprisingly enough (as I have not done any soldering in quite a while), it works. Though, if you can look carefully, you can see below that my venerable Icom R8500 is slightly generous, but not as bad as some other receivers.

XG2 Working

That is not the end of the story though. There is a fault with it on 40m.  Either the crystal is weak, a capacitor is dodgy, or I messed something up (highly possible), either way, it will have to wait until the new year to sort out.  Anyone have a spare 33 pF Capacitor they aren’t using?

Waiting for Pi

Boy it has been busy of late, not what I expected 2013 to be.  I’m way behind on a lot of things I had planned to get done this year, but who isn’t.

Today I got one item off the todo list. Back in September at the DCC, John Hansen, W2FS presented the TNC-Pi, a radio modem for the Raspberry Pi. John was kind enough to entertain my questions, and I purchased one from him. This morning, I dug out the kit, fired up the soldering iron and put it together, quite therapeutic I must say.


Looking forward now to getting a Pi, and getting it all going, assuming I’ve not messed up in the construction.

Happy Christmas!