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Amateur (Ham) Radio operation in Canada.

I made an enquiry of the Radio Amateurs of Canada a few weeks ago about recipracal license agreements. Some countries require you to apply for a license for the duration of your stay, and this can be quite expensive. In this case the reply was most welcome news.

If you have a CEPT on your licence, you can operate without further ado in
Canada. You should also consult the Standards for the Operation of Radio
Stations at

Guy Charron VA3FZA

Membership Services – Services aux membres
Radio Amateurs of/du Canada

720 Belfast Road
Suite 217
Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z5

Cheers Guy. As Ireland is a participant in CEPT I can just bring along my own license documentation.

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Ham Radio is Just Like Fishing

So says Pat, N0HR. I must say, I like his analogies. Its a pity I hadn’t read this yesterday, when I would have been more prepared for questions.

Earlier today I had my own personal ‘driver’. I was operating as a ‘lead’ car in the AOL Sponsored cycling race sponsored by the Comeragh Cycling club. I managed to explain the basics of what we were doing to him (Base, 4 Cars, and at least 3 portable stations at strategic points). And I think he appreciated how useful it was to know where everyone was, but what blew his socks off was when the penny dropped as to what information APRS was providing to the guys back at base.

Hmmm, I wonder what fishing analogy could be used for APRS?