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Earth Observation

So there I was a few weekends ago, wandering around the indoor hall at the UK’s National Hamfest (held just outside Newark). I had just left some items at the Bring and Buy, was browsing the stalls and I came across the stand of the Group for Earth Observation, where I stopped for a chat with the two guys on the stand.

I used to be a member quite a number of years ago until, for whatever reason, I lost interest, after a short chat, I purchased a few recent copies of their quarterly magazine and headed into the crowd. On the ferry home I opened them for a look and instantly thought I had to make an effort again.

So, when I got home I joined GEO (again), found my old licence and login details for Eumetsat. Downloaded and compiled xrit2pic and put my licence to use.


Once Mr B. drops me back my Ezcap eztv 688, I will have to try it on good old APT.

Thank you GEO for re-kindling my interest (though my wife may not agree. Hmmm… I wonder if she would mind me putting up a dish for EUMETCast reception. ).

Solar Dynamics Observatory

The Solar Dynamics Observatory was launched in February of this year.  Earlier today NASA held their first briefing where pictures and some video clips were released. One word, stunning!

Significant data was gathered on the recent solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections.  This are of interest to Amateur Radio operators as when they happen, the HF bands are pretty much unusable.

Still though, the detail is just stunning.

Delicate Manouvers

Meteosat 7 has begun a planned ‘drift’ from 0 degrees to 57.5 degrees East. The reasons and a brief description of some of the issues involved are given here here. It makes for interesting reading.

New Weather Satellite

A new environmental satellite was succesfully launched in the last few days. I’ve been following an email list where ground stations have been anxiously waiting and listening for the satellite. One of the early posters to the list (Mike Jupp, G1HWY) maintains a website here with some great images. This one shows the showers that rolled in over the southeast of Ireland this afternoon. Definitely one for your bookmarks. Thanks Mike.