Findu gets RSS

Steve Dimse (author of findu) has been hard at work adding RSS feeds to findu.

“Over the next couple weeks I’ll be adding RSS feeds to findU. If you don’t know, RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is a way to consolidate headlines and links into a newsfeed. I’d played a bit with this, but until I saw it integrated into the new version of Mac OS I didn’t realize how cool this could be, especially as it relates to findU. Unlike most sites where there is one or a small set of news feeds, findU will support custom feeds.

So far I have one example done, the weather warnings. This works very much like the weather warning cgi:

but the URL is:


You have to look at this on an RSS enabled program, otherwise it is just jibberish, but the way it works is at defined intervals the newsreader (in my case Safari, Apple’s web browser) fetches the feed and looks for new news items, in this case weather warnings within 1500 miles of K4HG’s location. Any new items are flagged by the browser, and the user knows there is new news on this channel.

The next things I’ll be doing are message feeds and a near function. You can be automatically notified if a new station appears near you, or if someone sends you an APRS message! After that there will be a position function, where you can track individual stations, and of course weather feeds…I can see lots of potential here.”

So, to get a list of APRS stations within 120 Miles of the TSSG, Waterford IT use the following link (for bloglines aggregator:

The options for the script are explained here.

I might even get around to putting Tiger onto the Powerbook this week :).

Thank you Steve.

New Weather Satellite

A new environmental satellite was succesfully launched in the last few days. I’ve been following an email list where ground stations have been anxiously waiting and listening for the satellite. One of the early posters to the list (Mike Jupp, G1HWY) maintains a website here with some great images. This one shows the showers that rolled in over the southeast of Ireland this afternoon. Definitely one for your bookmarks. Thanks Mike.


Kelly of Dxtuners gave me a heads up about this file which he found while doing some Internet Browsing.

I tip my hat in your general direction Mr Connolly, you are definitely a dedicated listener. I’m just glad someone gets a chance to use it, as I rarely do. Thanks for the link Kelly.

Atheros Drivers and EPIA MII 10K

I’ve been working on the MII 10K for a few different things recently, over the course of the last few days I’ve been trying to get the Dlink DWL-AG530 and then the DWL-G650 working with this motherboard.

I tried the PCI card first, thinking it would be the most straight forward, when I went to load the madwifi driver to get my (USA purchased) AG 530 I got the following error message:

ath0: unable to collect channel list from hal
ath0: possible regdomain 18 countrycode 0

Bummer, anyways, after a bit of Googling I came across this post. It didn’t work (yet!), so back to Google to find this post, and it worked like a charm, kudos guys.

That left me with the DWL-G650. After putting the card in and rebooting I got

PCI: Failed to allocate mem resource

More googling came up with this post, which worked like a charm. This solution is now summarised in here. If I get time next week I’ll investigate it a bit further.

Hopefully that information may be of use to someone and save them some time. Now that these cards are working, I can begin…