I’ve started back experimenting with APRS, now that I have time again. My renewed enthusiasim is due to the fact that we have a local APRS to Internet gateway under test, and at the moment, I’m really the only person that can ‘test’ it.

I have to sort out my mobile setup, I just need to box the Tinytrack and get power and GPS cabling sorted out. Unfortunately, it is taking much longer than I thought it would, but, it will get sorted out eventually.


Caroline is still wandering about, though she is on her way back to a cooler climate shortly.

Stephen and Annie were both briefly home so I dropped up and we had a few beers and a bit of a laugh. As always, it was a pleasure to stop by and have a few beers with the Burke family, and, as The Boss has purchased a new car, it was a good excuse to put a few miles on it.

Back to work today. Spent pretty much all day catching up on emails, fortunately most could just be deleted on sight. Oh well….


Unfortunately we are back from holidays. We spent a few days in Barcelona (a beautiful city, we will definitely be back). We then got the train down to Valencia, stayed there two nights, and then spent a week in Torrevieja. A most enjoyable and relaxing holiday.

Now that we have returned to reality we have a few days before returning to work. A prospect I am definately not looking forward to.