Scott eVest

I flew to London Tuesday evening for a SEINIT project meeting in UCL on wednesday. I walked down to Borders and grabbed a few American Amateur Radio/Scanning magazines. I like to get them now and again as, compared to here (Ireland/UK), there are many many more “HAMS” in the US than here, so its a much bigger and more varied market. Anyways, I was reading the “What’s New” section of the Monitoring Times magazine on EI723 back to Cork, and I spotted an add for the Scott eVest, now with a solar panel, just what a geek with gadgets would need :). Very cool!

MD5 To be considered Harmful

I got this link from Slashdot. To summarise “….But the risks are real enough that responsible engineers should take note: This is not merely an academic threat, systems designed with MD5 now need to take far more care than they would if they were employing an unbroken hashing algorithm, and the problems are only going to get worse.”

Here is the source site. Some good stuff on here. I particularly like using DNS for one-to-many streaming data dissemination, in fact the whole ‘DNS tunneling’ area is very interesting, well worth coming back to I think.

Speeding excuses

Saw this on the reg.

“The Northumbria Safety Camera Partnership, aka “Safe speed for life” has just published its top 10 excuses for geting nobbled by a speed, sorry, safety camera. Top of the list is alien-induced trance, closely followed by blaming excessive velocity on a passing aircraft. The list is culled from the letters received by fixed-penalty units in which motorists attempt to extricate themselves from copping a fine for speeding.”

Canary Wireless

I saw this in the Wi-Fi Networking News. Very cool piece of kit. Unfortunately its not CE approved yet (who cares). An external antenna connection “May” be included in future versions of the product. Sounds good to me!