Thats what was on the clock today as we dropped our vehicle back to AVIS. Dee reckons she will miss the size and power of the jeep, all we can do now is wait for our flight home which will hopefully be very uneventful, and involve lots of sleep.


Made it to Montreal. As we got to within 2 km of our hotel, there was suddenly police cars everywhere, all heading further downtown. The shooting is all over the news now, traffic is chaos, and people everywhere trying to get home.


Got an SMS from Frances a short while ago, she was waiting for the power to go in advance of Hurricane Florence, the hatches are well and truly fastened, bath is full of water and plenty of ICE ready as well. Its estimated to hit about 13:00 Irish Time. Lets hope it doesn’t do too much damadge.


After spending a relaxing two nights in Tremblant (which reminded me of Aspen actually) we hit the road again today. We bypassed Montreal (we plan to spend a few days there on the way back down), and arrived in Quebec, just in time to greet the rain which has been moving across Canada the last few days or so. Looking forward to wandering around the ‘old town’ tomorrow and getting a good look around.

Ottawa Bound

After recovering from jet-lag, with some seriously card-bending retail therapy in Toronto, we are heading for Ottawa. We should be there early this afternoon. Tropical Storm Ernesto is still having an effect on the weather, but we should see sunshine tomorrow.