Maurice and Stephen rang to wish me happy new year from oz this afternoon, Happy new year to you as well. Seeing as they were drunk and seemed to be enjoying themselves, I rapidly lost interest in writing up notes for the class I’m teaching. Now what? Looking around the room I was wondering what to do, and, seeing as I have a radio experimenters license, I thought I would do some radio experimenting.
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I finally got a bit of a play with it the last few days, its a pretty cool piece of kit, the basemap alone is impressive. I’ll be heading to Scotland with Roy after christmas to collect a few bits and pieces belonging to his Car, so we will check it out a bit more thoroughly on that trip.

Couzins, I’ll not be making it to Dublin Sunday night as I’m working monday, also its looking like I’ll be spending most of christmas working, so I can’t say I’m looking forward to the holidays, oh well.


Ok, I’m weak. Mark bought a Garmin GPS V a few months back, so earlier on (while herself was watching corrie), I went and ordered myself a brand new fudgie. Between that and the Wellbrook Loop antenna should keep me out of the pub for a bit over Christmas. Hopefully I’ll get the outside of the house sorted over the holidays as well. I still haven’t drilled holes for the overflow pipes, next weekend……


Just returned from Paris. I was attending the SEINIT EU FP6 Kick off meeting on behalf of TSSG. After the meeting I have the feeling that these guys really mean business.

It looks like I will be spending much of my time on the project doing performance evaluation of IPsec on various hardware platforms and other security related protocols. I’m looking forward to it as i’ve not been getting my hands dirty for a good while. Also when one is working with people of the caliber of Peter Kirstein, somehow one is motivated to perform.