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While I was flying around west cork doing daft things like putting up portable masts,
All up

getting free food, and enjoying the craic in the Quality Hotel in Clonakilty, my Da had a look at the ARGO.
SEMRA Training Weekend - Galtees

Last few times I had it out, the brakes were giving trouble (right hand wasn’t working very well) and it refused to start a few times. The brake had been dodgy for a while and we had planned to look at it anyway.
It seems that there was no spring on the pin in the carburettor and the pin was sticking closed, Da had an old carburettor lying around so he took the spring and ‘adapted’ it for its new home. He didn’t find the brake problem exactly, but found evidence that there was some metal embedded in the pad. I took it off the trailer this evening and before putting it into the shed, went it for a quick spin around the ‘block’. Brakes are much better than before, but there’s still something up with the carb as it completely died at one stage. Its possible the pin is still sticking, we’ll have to see.

I’m hoping to use it as a ‘mobile’ APRS/Wifi/MAP27 node for the Enterprise Ireland funded GAISS project I’m working on in TSSG, but I don’t think its reliable enough yet, more (off road) testing is required I think ;), and with the IRTS 2m Counties Contest only around the corner (Easter Monday), I’ll have to have it ready for another TARG trip up Slievenamon.