We have a Radio Rally (Called a Hamfest in the USA), this Sunday, and I was looking around my shack thinking that I should probably bring some unused gear in and sell it on. I spied my Icom PCR-1000. It has been sitting pretty much unused since Dxtuners closed earlier this year, so it was a prime candidate for re-sale. I had been using Steve’s PCRD for remote control which is fine, but I was looking for something (Linux  based) better for use in the shack (and have too little time to write something myself at the moment). I did a quick Google and found this python app by James Ahlstrom. It is just what I was looking for, thanks James, my PCR1000 shall remain, now I just need to learn some Python!

2 thoughts on “PCR-1000”

  1. You’ll probably need to learn some Tcl/Tk along the way because Python and several other scripting languages (including Ruby) all use Tk for their graphics libraries. Hence the little “Tk” icon in the upper left-hand corner.

    I’m a long-term user of Tcl/Tk and am delighted to see it continually put to good use.

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