Amateur Satellite – Thesis

I spotted this on the Southgate Amateur Radio Clubs news feed this morning.  Looking forward to learning something by reading it. Pretty cool project though, it has to be said.

A thesis based on the work done for the SO-67 Amateur Satellite is now available here.

Titled “Reusable Software Defined Radio Platform for Micro-satellites” it was written by John Foster Van Wyk of Stellenbosch University and describes the design and implementation of a software platform for the software defined radio (SDR) that formed part of the Sumbandila (SO-67) Amateur Radio satellite.

The Amateur Radio payload on SO-67 operates in conjunction with the Software Defined Receiver project sharing the VHF receiver and UHF transmitter used by the SDR project.

The nominal frequencies for SO-67 are Uplink 145.875 MHz and Downlink 435.345 MHz +/- Doppler shift

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