Around Sydney

We spent the last two days on the tourist trail, having a look around Sydney and doing the usual touristy things, the Opera House, the Museums, Darling harbour etc. Though there are plenty of things that we didn’t get to see (picture taken from a water taxi, on the way to the Opera House).

We finally ran out of steam yesterday and decided to give it a rest for today. We just aren’t built for walking around in 35 degree (and higher) heat. Deirdre and Nuala decided that the best form of relaxation was some (air condidioned) retail therapy. After doing relatively little for the most of the morning, David and I found a hack to allow him to use his shiny new PCI-Express Graphics card in his server. We are currently taking a hot knife to his motherboard to see if we can get it working. If we do, an afternoon on the beach beckons! If not, I may own a second hand, slightly damaged computer 🙂