I’m not long back from the DCC, and I thought I would comment on it while the memory is still fresh. I had never been before, so I was wondering what I had let myself in for. Well I have to say I had a blast. From my accidental meeting of Larry WR1B on the shuttle to the hotel, to having lunch with the TAPR folks just before I caught my flight home, the atmosphere at the event was all about the sharing of knowledge. Like all good events, most of the really good discussion goes on in the corridors between presentations. Over breakfast, lunch, or indeed in the demo room.

Coolest presentation for me was the HPSDR, Modular Software Defined Radio, and the sheer enthusiasm of the guys was infectious (I want one!).

The picture below shows the set-up (belonging to N8ZM I think) for the tutorial on Sunday morning.  The intention was to monitor the transmitted waveform from the transmit side on the spectrum analyser (large box to the right of picture) and also to receive and decode transmitted signals from Larry WR1B’s recently constructed NEU-PSK (small flat black box). All great fun.


I may not make it next year, or indeed the year after, but I will make it back.

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