Beavers Eye View.

We departed Whistler this morning after there had been over 2 inches of snow overnight (nuts!).

Whistler Snow

We arrived in Vancouver just in time for lunch. Seeing as it was such a nice day, we wandered down towards the waterfront for a look around, where we came across a Air Charter company. As I had never been in a floatplane, I just could not resist, though I couldn’t persuade Dee to join me. So after some organisation and a quick cup of hot chocolate, Peter (the pilot), another gentlemen and I, headed out to our DHC-2 Beaver (below) for a scenic flight around Vancouver.

The Beaver

The smoothness of the take-off and landing really surprised me (Peter informed me that it had not the smoothest take-off as he had to avoid some debris), though it has been quite a few years since I was in a light aircraft. The landing was the gentlest I think I’ve ever experienced. I guess I have been conditioned by the bumpy landings that are almost normal now in commercial aircraft.

See the obligatory pictures here.

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