Botnets and Ham Radio

This is a very funny post from Jeff, KE9V.

Dmetry and Olaf walked into a dimly lit tavern and selected a booth far in the back where they could not be easily overhead. Dmetry was a hulking 300 lbs man who had muscled his way into the lower echelons of leadership in the Russian mafia but he was most interested in disappearing a very wealthy man as soon as possible.

It goes on..

“This application includes a Trojan horse; it will offload itself from the primary application upon installation, and play hide and seek with any anti-virus measures that may have been installed” Olaf said as a perverted grin spread across his face. “Then when we are ready, we will have at our disposal 100,000 networked computers that will do our bidding whenever the signal is given”.

Dmetry wasn’t easily convinced. “But why, why should these people be willing to install this botnet?”

Olaf replied, “They have no idea what they are doing. Urmil has written an application for radio amateurs, maybe you’ve heard of these radio ‘hams’, no? They love to play with their computers and their radios but they know little about the technology behind it all. This new application will be software that permits their computers to communicate via HF radio, they are crazy for free software and shiny new baubles to play with.”

“We will tell them that this software is for a new mode of communication and it will spread like wildfire in their community. They will never be the wiser…”

So funny, but it isn’t all that big a leap to see it actually happening. Very funny, thanks Jeff.

(Of course I use fldigi, build it from source, and keep an eye on what stuff is actually leaving my machine as much as possible.)

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