Busy Busy Busy.

Mad busy at the moment, I keep forgetting to post and I keep forgetting to practice Morse (6’s B’s & J’s still bothering me).

We have two weeks to go before our “Field Trial” of the GAISS project. The Field trial is going to be over the weekend of the Galtee Walking Festival, the 2nd and 3rd of June. As well as trying to make sure GAISS works for the weekend, I’m also organising AREN and TARG’s involvement in providing communications for each walk for the weekend. We are still looking for licensed experimenters (Radio Hams) to help out on the weekend.

In GAISS, at this stage we are able to extract GPS information from the Simoco Radio’s. Though we haven’t managed to display one in our GUI yet. Our initial plans for a WiFi link from our receive site back to ‘Base’ were scuppered by unhelpful terrain. Plan b is to turn the received MAP27 GPS information packets into APRS packets, which we can then re-transmit over the existing APRS network.

Kristian and I are in the middle of doing our SRC Modules 1 and 2 ( Which will come in useful, should I ever find the time to get back into An Seabhac Mara), as we need them to operate at the Field Trial.

Pressure is on!

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