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It, being the official opening of our building. Feedback I’m getting is that it was all good, if a slightly short visit by An Taoiseach.

We continue to work through the different workpackages, slower than I would prefer, but I’m not the chairperson, so its not up to me.

Miguel and I provided free entertainment for a restaurant full of punters last night. When we returned from the days meeting, we just walked a block or two to find a restaurant. Things looked promising as it had the name in English, better yet, the menu had English discriptions as well. So we ordered something, but we really weren’t quite sure what. The waitress arrived back to the table with a big pot (various joints of beef, knee’s etc, carrots and some thick noodles), stuck it on a gas burner (in the middle of the table), wandered off again, and then came back with raw meat and veg and plonked it on the table beside us.

What we didn’t know was that we are suppossed to cook it ourselves. Obviously the waitress had a bit of a chat with her co-workers and they decided that if they didn’t do something we would be there for hours. So this poor girl started cooking and showing us how we were supposed to cook the food. This caused much amusement in the restaurant. We got the hang of it eventually (rice noodle not withstanding).

I think she was a bit shocked with the amount of the tip we left, but she did help us out . Total cost for dinner including two beers (640ml bottles, must figure out why that is.) and the tip, รขโ€šยฌ12.

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