Christmas Day.

We didn’t do all that much yesterday, took it easy, and got slightly pickled last night.

We dropped up to the Gibbons houshold for a spot of lunch (after a late start and a swim in Botany Bay). Christmas at the Gibbons cannot be explained, it has to be experienced. We had a fabulous afternoon and really appreciated the invitation. We caught up with Fiona and Tristian and look forward to joining them later this week to celebrate their marrige. Mary and the rest of the Gibbons clan were there along with a host of others.

Also, Micheal and the lovely Tanya announced their engagement, I hope they don’t mind me putting their happy faces up here. Congrats!
Michael and Tanya

We returned to President Avenue, and after a bit of a rest, we had a bit of a “barbie”, it can be summed up with
With David and Nuala
The pudding wasn’t quite as good as at home, but liberal quantities of brandy helped significantly.

Happy Christmas everyone!