CQIR and Yfktest

2012 is the 80th anniversary of the founding of our national Amateur Radio society, the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS). To mark it, the IRTS is organising an Amateur Radio Contest, like any contest, there will be different categories for contesters to take part in (full rules).

Previously, I mentioned that I have used yfktest, in fact at SSB field day last year, I did a svn checkout, just before the contest as we had a problem with the software the other guys regularly used.  So, this time, instead of waiting until just before the contest started, I thought I would have a look at it slightly beforehand.  Boy was I surprised.  While the web page is a bit dated, the latest check-in to the repository was 29th of February 2012.  It seems that Bob, W9YA has been busy working with a group of hams finding some bugs and making lots of improvements.  Good job Bob (and everyone else), I am really looking forward to trying it out on the day.

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