Darwin, Katherine and Uluru

Tuesday evening we went for a Sunset Cruise with City of Darwin Cruises. Sipping Champers while the Sun goes down isn’t a bad way to spend an evening. Many thanks to Chris (Skipper), James (Deckhand) and Oscar (Beer provider/drinker/fisherman extraordinare).

Wednesday morning we got a phone call about 6am to say my bag had arrived and would be dispatched to the hotel as soon as possible. It arrived about 20 minutes later, 36 packets of Taytos still intact. We toddled down the street to Salvatores for brekkie, a very nice place. Following that we collected our bags and boarded the Ghan, reputedly the second greatest train journey in the world.

All was going well until we got off the Train in Katherine. We joined our tour bus and headed off. Our first port of call was an (closed) Abbatoir… then it got worse. I’m certain the driver was a few cans short of a sixpack. She had a serious problem with Gumtrees & African Mahogany trees, and considered that the “Automatic” door of the post office was something to talk about. We weren’t the only people on the bus that thought we had been kidnapped. Eventually, we escaped and made it back to the Ghan unharmed.

The Journey itself (20 Hours) was relatively uneventful. A very civilised way of travelling. After the Sun went down, we were in front row seats for a magnificent light show given by Mother Nature.

We arrived in Alice Springs Thursday morning and quickly left for Uluru National Park. The Highlights of the stay being the Sunset Tour of the Olgas, and the Sunrise Tour of Uluru (5 am this morning. Off we headed again on our merry way to Cairns. The lowlights being the crap food and everything being a bit too pricey.

Arriving here in Cairns, we collected $200 for my bag being missing for two days, its now nearly 21:30 here (and we’ve had quite a bit of wine), so its time to head for another drink or five and off to bed.

Tomorrow is another day….