Doubtful Sound

Pardon the pun, but we had our doubts about this as it wasn’t a very good day, a lot of rain, but we perservered.

Firstly a two hour drive from Queenstown to Pearl Harbour, then a 50 minute ferry crossing, followed by a one hour bus ride over what is claimed to be the most expensive gravel road in the country (approx $2 per centimetre). Finally we get on the (spanking new, launched 5th November 2005) cruise boat.

It was cold, it was wet, but it was unbelievable. The only words I can come up with in an attempt to describe it are mystical, magical, awe inspiring (make your own up here)! On the way back from the exit of the sound, we motored into one of the arms, and with the co-operation of everyone on board, the engines were cut and we had a minutes silence, amazing.

Needless to say we took loads of pictures of waterfalls, rock faces etc etc… I doubt that they will do it justice.

As we are now out of range of ‘land based’ APRS Internet gateways, I am now employing the services of the International Space Station for tracking purposes. Depending on how old the packet is (average speed is about 70k per hour here), we are somewhere near here