Recently I’ve got more time to operate radio, so I’ve been working on my DXCC totals.  Its becoming very, very addictive.  For various reasons, my Antenna isn’t exactly a work of art.  It is a 7m long piece of wire taped to a fibre-glass fishing pole, tuned against ground.  I’m predominantly operating in “search-and-pounce” mode using morse code, where I continuously tuning up and down, looking for stations (rather than sitting on a frequency, and putting out endless CQ calls). While it’s not very efficient, it’s great fun, and I’m really enjoying it.

So, where do I stand?  Well at the moment, I’ve 87 different DXCC entities worked, with 55 confirmed. Visualising this using Xplanet, it looks like:

Green are DXCC entities that I’ve already worked and confirmed. Yellow are ones worked but not confirmed, Red are ones that I’ve not worked yet. If I can keep my current level of activity, HF band conditions keep improving, and I “work” more stations that use Logbook of the World, rather than depending on QSL cards (my own below), I should achieve 100 countries confirmed by the summer.  In theory 😉

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