EI7CDD DMR Repeater, Retevis RT8 and GPS functionality

Last week, I gave a short talk on DMR and Brandmeister at the South Eastern Amateur Radio Group club meeting. There were quite a few members present and there were plenty questions.  The full presentation is available from here, but what is new (since the IRTS AGM presentation) is this image taken from Xastir.


This is a track formed by a numberof GPS position information beacons from my Retevis RT8 Radio, the data bursts are received at the EI7CDD DMR Repeater, and then forwarded to the worldwide APRS Internet Service backbone before appearing on the map.

What is interesting to me is that the RT8 was just thrown on the dash of a van, no special effort was made to optimise its position, the terrain is by no means flat, undulating would be the best description, and yet, the RT8 was still able to hit the EI7CDD repeater from up to 20k away.

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