‘Evil twin’ fear for wireless net

Here is an interesting article from the BBC site about fake Access Points.

Something similiar on Wi-Fi Networking News

“People using wireless high-speed net (wi-fi) are being warned about fake hotspots, or access points.

The latest threat, nicknamed evil twins, pose as real hotspots but are actually unauthorised base stations, say Cranfield University experts.”

It is very interesting to me as this is precisely what I’m trying to do at the moment on the SEINIT project where I work. I’m currently trying to put together a wireless linux distribution and the plan is to add Intrusion Detection (IDS) functionality. Part of that functionality would be to assume the Identity of Access Points that are being attacked in order to ‘lure’ an attacker into attaching to the ‘fake’ access point. Unfortunately I’m still fighting with a CF to IDE adapter :(.