Hmm, I wonder.

One day, at the start of the summer (?), I was looking at some of the aerials on our building and wondered what the spectrum was like around the TSSG building in Carriganore, and indeed Waterford City.

I quickly threw together some scripts to see if the Spectrum Analyser could gather the data, which it could relatively easily. We had several students on work placement and I asked Patrick to look at writing scripts to process the data generated by the analyser.

Here is an example of a weeks worth of results in the Civil Aircraft band.


Waterford airport ATIS isn’t as strong as I would have expected on 121.150MHz, however the site is shielded in that direction.  All the results are shown here.

I think, at some stage,  we will go back and re-do some of the bands with less attenuation, this should allow us to see much more detail down in the ‘grass’. This might let us see more detail in the UHF TV bands as it seems quite sparsely populated.

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