Homeward bound.

Well folks here we are in Sydney airport waiting for our flight. 6 weeks has really flown by.

Yesterday morning we left Rotorua and headed up towards Auckland for our final night in New Zealand. On the way we dropped into the Skyswing, as it was friday the thirteenth, I wasn’t so sure. We went up along on the gondola and had a look. I decided to have a go anyway. I was strapped in and then the “it was working yesterday” video camera stopped working. Not a good sign. By this time a small crowd was looking on (I was the first to go). The ride itself was pretty good I must say, on this one you have to pull the release mechanism yourself. It turns out that I have a propensity to swear a lot, this was borne out by me uttering “Holy Sh1t” (it was a great view honest), before pulling the release cord and yeeha 150kph here we come.

The rest of the spin up to Auckland was pretty tame in comparison (even with Dee driving), we had a look at a 4×4 place, but even Dee said it looked lame so we continued on for a quick look around the shops before they closed for the evening.

This morning we just had a look at the marina and downtown again (in case we missed anything). Then I had a go at what is called the Skyjump at Skycity. It’s basically a restrained (to 75kph) fall/jump from 192 metres (600 ft). The worst part is walking out the glass doors (still clipped to the platform), walking out on the platform, and then looking straight down (stomach flips a few times). The landing platform looks awful, awful small. Anyways, did it, have the tee-shirt, and then Dee decided she had enough of me trying silly things like this and we headed out to the airport.

C’yall soon!