My iPOD’s (3rd Gen) battery capacity has been decreasing over time (no surprise there), but it finally dropped beyond what my patience would tolerate. A few months ago I was looking for a high capacity battery for a Kenwood TH-D7 and found one at Batteries America. While browsing their site, I came across their section for iPOD batteries. It would be difficult to go wrong for $30. So I ordered them.

Last night I got around to installing it. It is a ‘tough nut’ to open the case, but patience is a virtue and, after about 15 mins of cursing and swearing I did get it open and the battery installed. I did a slight bit of damadge to the plastic surrounding the dock connector when popping the case, but it all went back together and works fine.

After a short time charging, the obligatory “Road” test involved a short walk around Tramore listening to the delicate sounds of AC/DC. Calm is restored at last!