K3 #2184 (part 2)

It started raining again Sunday afternoon, so a perfect opportunity to resume construction 😉

First, attach the DSP Board to the back of the front panel.

DSP Board Added - 1

DSP Board Added - 2

Attach the front panel to the main chassis.

Front Panel Attached to Chassis - 1

Initial power on test, fortunately no smoke escaped!

Initial power on test.

Oscillator board installation (you can see the filters on the main RF board)
KREF3 Oscillator Board

Synthesiser board installation. This (along with the oscillator board above) was the most difficult board to install, requiring lots of patience as I kept dropping the washers into the chassis.

Synthesizer Board

Power Amplifier Shield

KPA3 Shield

General coverage Receive filters, Noise Blanker, and Lithium Ion Battery.

KBPF3 General Coverage Receiver Installed

Forgot to take a picture of the 100W PA going in. All built now, just needs calibration.

K3 #2184 is alive!

Pretty much everything checked out ok. I still have to calibrate the TXCO, though as it is, it is probably more than adequate for my needs. Now I just need to get time to get on the air.

Thank you Elecraft.

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