Fraser Island to you and me (the direct translation of the Aboriginal name translates to “paradise”). We went on a day tour with Kingfisher. Basically 30 or so passengers sat in the back of a 4X4 truck (with seating), while our diminutive driver (about 4 feet high, could hide behind a rake, of Malteese extraction and daft as a brush), Natalie, drove with alarming speed along the narrow, bumpy sandy tracks around the island. Great fun. During the tour there was an option to take a trip in a light plane for a scenic flight over the island, for $60 I couldn’t resist, the take off and landing was from the beach (they moved along the beach with the tours).

The island itself is a magical place, a 74km beach, 124 miles long and entirely made from sand. Lake McKenzie, a beautifully clear freshwater lake bordered by white sand high up in the sandy hills. We were out there today and didn’t want to leave, it really has to be seen to be believed.