LinShim6 v0.9 Released

“I am glad to announce that LinShim6 version 0.9 has been released. The major additions are the followings:

– Support for Keepalive Timeout option
– Faster failure recovery for TCP applications (thanks to RTO reset upon path change)
– Shim6 can now be compiled as a module. The trigger heuristic is defined as a separate module. So that it can be
unloaded or replaced depending on the needs. For example, a server that does not want to initiate a Shim6
negotiation by itself, but only answer to requests, can simply unload the heuristic module.
– Added a console option, that allows dynamic setting of the failure detection timer.

The useful links are the followings :

* LinShim6 main page, where you can download the kernel patch and the daemon :
* Updated draft shim6-impl (implementation report) :
* Documentation (not yet updated for 0.9, however) :



Sébastien Barré
CSE department, UCLouvain, Belgium

We (TSSG) have been working with Sébastien, for quite a while, debugging the implementation, and adding features to it. Specifically in the EFIPSANS project, we are looking at SHIM6’s failure recovery capabilities in the event of one network interfacing (or, indeed one upstream provider) loosing connectivity. We have been sidetracked for a while with lots of project documentation to be delivered to the EU, hopefully we can get a linux iso prepared once again to allow others to experiment.

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