Mobile IPv6 on the N770

Following up from my earlier post. To save someone the trouble of building MIPL for Linux for the N770, you can find a Linux kernel here and mip6d here.

I’ve been trying the kernel out using the following command to upload the kernel:

flasher -l -b -k zImage-su-18-200730

And powering on the device, the mip6 kernel gets loaded (until the next reboot). Once it boots, its possible to copy mip6d onto the n770, as it appears as a USB storage device. Install X-Term, write a mip6d configure script, and off you go (I’ve not tested with IPsec yet though)!

I remain unconvinced about the usefulness of the n770/n800 type devices. They may be usefule for some remote control applications, although I’m not sure, more testing (using IPv6) is needed ;).


3 thoughts on “Mobile IPv6 on the N770”

  1. Hi i am shariq. I have a Nokia n800. I was trying to get MIPv6 on it. Is it possible to get the source or other files for it?

  2. Pretty much everything is available from, though you have a bit of digging to do.
    We have a n800 and will be looking at MIPv6 on it at some stage in the future, though we we haven’t been succesful yet.

  3. Hi!

    I tried to get he source from the Sadly they only have kernal version 2.6.18 for n800. Now he problem is that he MIPL patches r for 2.6.16 and i found another patch for 2.6.21. However I cant patch the 2.6.18 kernal with any one of them 😛

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