New Years in Sydney

As is was so hot yesterday, we were in two minds whether to head in or not. The temperature was forecast to be somewhere between the mid to high 20’s to the low 30’s for Midnight (we would be happy to get that temperature at midday during the summer). We finally decided that we would about 9 ish, so after dinner we headed in for a look, our destination was Circular Quay (along with squillions of others). It was a blast! (pardon the pun)

Today has been Sydney’s hottest New Years day in Years. A short while ago, the local weather station (same postcode) reached 44.2 Degres Celcius. Its like a furnace outside, so we are struggling to keep cool. To everyone who sent texts, and to those that did not get any from me, I literally tried everone in my phone book and gave up in the end.

Happy New Year!