Next stop Morocco!

An amateur radio balloon carrying APRS on 144.390 MHz FM has left the USA. Requests have been sent out for APRS operators in the British Isles and Europe to listen for and help track the transatlantic balloon!

The APRS transmission, call sign K6RPT-11, is on 144.390 MHz FM the standard APRS frequency in North America.

At the time of writing, the balloon was South East of the Azores, moving at approx. 225 kph, heading for Morocco. See the link

Dec 13, 08:40 UTC: It changed course overnight, skipped Morocco, flew slightly North of Malaga and is now heading for Palermo, Italy at about 260kph.

09:25 UTC: It has slowed and dropped several thousand meters since the last beacon.  I fear its heading for a dip in the Mediterranean.


09:46:30 UTC: Last packet, 56km/h 4437M

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