Parting of ways

This evening, a long partnership ended. This partnership has existed for approximately 15 years, longer than I’ve owned my car, my (our) house, indeed longer than I’ve been married.

It was a long and amicable relationship, based on mutual dependency and trust. I supplied the power, and, in return, it provided me with light. I am talking of course, about a now defunct, Philips 18watt energy saving lightbulb. It has now joined it’s colleague in lightbulb heaven!

One thought on “Parting of ways”

  1. I remember receiving a box of free Philips energy saving light bulbs. I found them on my doorstep, which was fortunate, as I needed one for my living room. I plugged it in, observed that it worked and then went to the lav. A few minutes later, I heard a loud bang. On my return to the living room, there was a horrible smell (worse than the lav). I burnt my fingers removing the device, which I expected to be cold.

    I’ve not used any of the others.

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