PB/PG 2.2.1 Released

From Bent Bagger, OZ6BL:

I’m happy to announce release 2.2.1 of PB/PG for Linux.

PB and PG for Linux are programs used for download from and upload to
digital satellites (Pacsats) supporting the FTL0 protocol. This
software allows you to directly communicate with the Microsat series
of satellites. It provides a Curses (Ncurses) based user interface. It
features automatic directory fill requests and simple, rules based
file download requests.

This release serves two purposes:

1) To show that the project is still alive and kicking

2) To correct a number of small ‘inconveniencec’ and to add a few new
features. These changes/additions are described in the document
‘ReleaseNotes’ q.v. (included in the release)

PB/PG for Linux may be downloaded (in source form only) from one of
these places:


I may be contacted using this address:  oz6bl (at) amsat (dot) org

Happy hamming

Best 73 de Bent/OZ6BL

I submitted some rather simple patches to the package including IPv6 patches to allow it communicate to a server running predict (which has also been patched for IPv6 support), which were included, then I helped test them with my home station.  Even though I’m only using a vertical antenna, I was able to upload to and download from  the satellite quite successfully on most passes. It’s kinda cool actually, not something one does every day 🙂

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