Pocket Trackers/APRS in the Media

From legrandobserver.com

“Rule No. 1 of being a search and rescue volunteer — don’t get lost.

It sounds simple. But consider the challenges faced by the 50 or so volunteers who might respond when someone is reported missing in Union County’s backcountry.

There’s a good chance it might be late afternoon with the light fading, if it is not completely dark.

The weather is often difficult — snow, rain, slippery conditions.

The knowledge of the area on the part the person making the report has to be considered. Was the missing hunter or hiker planning to go down this ridge line, or that one?

Now, though, Union County’s search and rescue group has a new tool that it believes will make keeping track of the searchers a much safer, easier part of the process.

Called a Pocket Tracker, the new equipment is a carry-along unit consisting of a GPS and radio unit, set to a HAM radio frequency. The unit reports in every few minutes automatically….”

Its good to see this simple technology being used effectively. The PocketTrackers were supplied by Tony Barrett of byonics. The article is slightly incorrect in that they don’t come in anything like 90 pieces, more like about 50 components, and that includes short lenghts of wire to make up Coils with.