Power Consumption.

Here are some rough figures that I’ve come up with for ‘annual’ usage.

  • PC/UPS/Dsl Router, 990kWh
  • Fridge/Freezer, 525kWh
  • Work Laptop(at home)/Screen/Wireless Router , 235kWh
  • Chest Freezer, 182kWh
  • Kettle, 182kWh
  • Sky Box, 142kWh
  • TV/DVD/Speakers, 118kWh
  • Washing Machine, 93kWh
  • Printer/ancillaries, 89kWh
  • Projection Alarm clock, 34kWh
  • Toaster, 6Kwh

Biggest surprise for me was the small chest freezer, it seems to be very efficient.  I’ll have to think a bit more about the rest.

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