Power hogs.

I flirted with measuring the power consumption around the house last year, but got side tracked.  Now that we’re getting a 17.5% increase in Electricity prices, I think its high time I revisited this area. Co-incidentally, I happened to be running the TV ‘stuff’ through a Kill A Watt meter for the past week.  Total  consumption was 2.25kWh (approx €0.33).

I’m going to slowly go through the house and get a handle on what everything consumes.

The PV panels I put up are silently working away.  Unfortunately ‘operator error’ reset the counters a while back, and I’ve not been as diligent since. However, in the time between the 27th May and the 28th of June, the panels produced approximately 1500Amp Hours, 36,000 Watt Hours (1500 x 24), 36kWh or about €5.25 worth of electricity.

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