Science Week

I attended two talks on Saturday morning in W.I.T. presented by CALMAST. The first one by Leo Enright was entitled “How the distance between science & society threatens Irelands future”.

His talk had two main phases, initially he lambasted the media in general for their almost non existent coverage of ‘science’. And he was very critical of RTEs science reporting. He was very unhappy with that they apparently have not done a single science programme since they got their licence fee increased.

He then went on to talk about the science initiative in Dublins temple bar which he is involved in. It looks like an interesting project. He also spoke about the Discover Science & Engineering initiative which he is involved in. All interesting stuff.

Next up was Mary Mulvihill giving a talk entitled “The Ingenious South East”. Which was basically a very brief look at some of the Irish inventors and scientists that she has covered in her book. Very interesting and entertaining, methinks Santa will be bringing me a copy.