Seefin (Suí Finn)

Yesterday afternoon I persuaded my wife and Sister in Law that a walk in the hills would be good for them (they may not be agreeing with me today), anyways, yesterday afternoon we headed for Lemybrien, and then into the Monavullagh Mountains, the goal, the cairn on Seefin.

I also took the oportunity to bring along a fully laden Radio Harness as I hadn’t had a chance to use it ‘in the field’ before now.

The views we were treated to were absolutely fantastic. I’ve been up Seefin twice before and was either fog or cloud bound on both occasions. This time we could see from the Wexford coast, down to Dungarvan, and around as far as the Galtees (and beyond). The only problem was the thick swarms of flies we encountered (lots of them).

First picture is of the Knockmealdowns, with the Galtee mountains (to the right) in the background.


Dungarvan Bay, Helvick Head & Dungarvan in the background, and me looking like a lost ozzie.


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  1. Kenwood TH-D7 and a Garmin Foretrex 101 (the one that takes AAA batteries). We started from 52.19599N, 7.62818W (S254049 ish). On the OS maps, there is a path just to the left of the text “Scartnadrinymountain”. Next time I walk up, I’ll go via the “Barracreemountain” path.

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