Something different

Last night we did the Brisbane Lights Tour. Mark, the owner, was driving the bus. We had actually met him earlier in the day as he drives the city tour buses, and when they stopped running the night time tours, he decided to start running one himself (with is wife’s blessing of course). Its a great tour, there is an excellent view from Mt Cootha both before and after sunset.

Today we diverged completely from the usual. We went to Movie World why? I’ve no idea (ask the boss). The best rides have to be Lethal Weapon 4 (80 kph, 4Gs), Scooby doo (In the dark and backwards for part of it), and then the two shows, the excellent Shrek 4D and the hilarious Police Academy Stunt show. The stunts are only peripheral to the comedy act. The silent (whistle blowing) usher is a scream, and thats before the show even starts.

After that we had a look along the sunshine coast, before heading for Byron Bay (and Australias most easterly point, Cape Byron) to catch the sunset.