Thinking Green.

Justin’s recent post got me thinking, so I’ve started doing some measuring. First to the radio ‘shack’/office, I did a measurement where I switched on all the radio equipment running in receive mode, server, laptop and second screen running, DSL modem and wireless router, switching most of them off when I went to bed. After 24 Hours the total usage was 4kWh. So over 12 months, the cost would be 4 * 0.1435 * 1.135 * 365 = €238 Inclusive of vat, wow, thats quite expensive and not very Green.

The server, dsl modem, wireless router, and kit for my Dxtuners node takes up the bulk of that cost at about €195 per annum. Our most recent aquisition, a small chest freezer (Whirlpool) uses about 0.5kWh per day, so should cost us about €30. Next, the TV.