I am still experimenting with APRS.

I recently received an OpenTracker and have that in the car at the moment. I also have a PocketTracker operational, but I have not yet managed to get back into the hills to evaluate how well it would work in hilly terrain. EI8JA switches his one on now and again when he has it in the Jeep. I’ve managed to follow him from my own QTH (location) back to his own. Even though he has an external antenna the power output from the PocketTracker is approximately 250 milli watts.

Anyways, recently I’ve started seeing satellites with numbers greater than 32 which would never lock. I was wondering why so I did a bit of googling and came up with this.

Basically it seems that the european version of WAAS called EGNOS is in testing and my Garmin GPS is able to receive the signal, but adheres to the ‘do not use’ flag. It will be interesting to see how it improves the accuracy of my GPS. the GPS V, with a clear sky reports an accuracy give or take 6 Meters, though some dispute that and think that the Garmin is not as good as it thinks it is!