We all have an interest in the weather to some level or other.  I finally cracked earlier this year and got a weather station, a Davis Vantage VUE with a Weatherlink USB interface.

Unfortunately, not long after I got it the humidity and temperature sensors inexplicably failed. So back to Weathershop, and after a fairly quick turnaround, it has been working fine all Summer.

This weekend, the good weather co-incided with me being at home.  So, with permission from SWMBO, the drills came out, and the sensor suite is now mounted in a reasonable location off the gable end of the house (it was in the garden up to now).

The data is available online, using the wview package. It is also available at or findu, as, being into APRS, I’m feeding it into the APRS-IS backbone and contributing to the Citizens Weather Observation Program.


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