APRS in the South/Southwest.

I had to travel to Tralee for a meeting yesterday (Monday the 9th of October), so I had APRS running in the car. It suited me to go via Cork and return via Limerick, so I downloaded my track when I got home to see what the coverage was like.


Coverage can be seen to extend (the blue track) from the Tipperary Limerick border (purely a co-incidence I’m sure) to the far side of Dungarvan. Unfortunately the Digipeater in Cork wasn’t running as it would have extended the range a long way down into cork.

If you look at the bottom left of the picture you can see EI7IG-3. As I was nearing Macroom yesterday morning, I heard the dolcet tones of PCSAT (NO-44) and switched configurations in the Kenwood TM-D700 to digipeat through it while it was within range.