Time vs Distance.

Based on the information supplied by the AA site, I went to Tralee via Cork and returned via Limerick, I thought to try both routes to compare them and I logged the mileage in both directions, but alas not the time.

Tramore to Tralee (via Cork) was 149.5 Miles, I stayed with a friend on the Killarney side of Cork the night before. I’m really not sure what how long the drive down was, neither am I sure how long the drive onto Tralee was (I’m guessing less than 90 mins).

Tralee to Tramore (via Limerick and Clonmel (to say hello to mum) ) was 143.8 Miles, time was about 3h 20mins, but it felt tortous compared to the trip up, even considering the trip to Cork was in milling rain, and the trip back was in glorious sunshine. Suffice it to say, no matter what the AA say. I’ll probably never ever drive that way again (I’ll probably never be asked back either, but that is another story!).

Now, before anyone mentions it. I went both of those ways to compare them (curiosity), If I didn’t have a reason to go to Cork or Clonmel, I wouldn’t have gone either of those ways. I would have consulted the encyclopedia that is my Dad, for the shortest path (though not necessarily the best roads) between those two points.

As well has having APRS running in the car, I also made good use of the SEARG Repeater Network as well as a long chat with Tommy, EI2IT on S18. Many thanks for shortening the Journey.